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Living in a Food Loving Household

Good food is the best medicine that we as parents can give to our children. In today’s modern world, there is medication and treatment for every other disease, but what about its consequences?

I’m Sandra, a full-time mom who is mostly stressed about food and what my kids are eating! I believe that it is our duty as responsible parents to give them as many homemade treatments as possible in order to avoid possible hazards of medication. With a good knowledge of kitchen remedies and medicinal values, this task can be done with ease.

The simple pepper, turmeric, honey and cinnamon can do wonders for common colds that are usually prevalent among kids. Other ingredients like coriander, ginger, and mint add on to the medicinal lists. Also, the usage of country sugar and palm sugar instead of white sugar is a healthy habit and that habit should be instilled in the life of our kids for their wellbeing.

Mix it up with their milk drinks for a healthier and tastier drink. So make it a habit to reach out to the kitchen shelf rather than reaching out to a bottle of medicine.

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