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The Philips HD9220 Air fryer Review

Detailed Philips air fryer reviewA few years ago, the world was introduced to the very first electric air fryer. Even though the name is fairly self-explanatory, not many of us knew what to expect. After all, how can air be used to fry foods!

Well, a few years after that, the popularity of this product is on the rise, as more and more of us try to adopt a healthier lifestyle. Many cooking blogs have posted their own detailed air fryer review showcasing how they work and praising the quality of food produced. Just so you know, by using a product like this, you can expect to fry, grill, bake and roast various food items without using more than a single spoon of oil. As a matter of fact, you don’t even need to use oil in some machines. The most impressive aspect is frying of course, as this is the part that requires the most oil. Surprisingly though, the results are very similar to what you would end up with a deep fryer except that there will be far less calories!

The Philips HD9220 is a leading hot air fryer for you to buy and continues to provide the best value for new consumers. In fact, it would be a perfect replacement for deep fat frying. After cooking several items, we found the French fries to be excellent but there are some limitations of this health fryer that you might not have come across before.

The Design Aspect of Air Fryers

The Philips HD9220 comes in a rather compact design that is quite narrow rather than wide. This will allow you to store this in the tightest of spaces in your kitchen. There are some simple controls at the top and these will allow you to operate the timer and change the temperature. In the middle, you have a compartment for a relatively small cooking basket. This means that the capacity of this air fryer isn’t that impressive! As with most traditional fryers, we don’t get a see-through design that will allow us to keep an eye on the food being cooked.

HD9220 Air Fryer Review – The Features

The instruction manual and recipe book included with the HD9220 suggest that this is a fan oven with the ability to cook pretty much everything. This ranges from making French fries, baking potatoes to making cakes! When making French fries, you will only have a capacity of 800 grams. However, you will only need a single tablespoon of oil for this. This means that the cooked French fries will contain very little fat, a feat that compares favorably to restaurants.

You might be thinking that the French fries might turn out to be quite dry as if you made them in an oven. However, these will be far better than any French fries made in an oven. In addition to these, other snacks like prawn crackers turned out perfect! Certainly, when it comes to French fries and small snacks, this will be the best air fryer for any household. Obviously, there isn’t a see-through window to monitor the progress so you’ll have to do this manually!

Like most appliances, cleaning is a factor that must be taken into consideration. After using the Philips HD9220, this job can be carried out quite easily due to the fact that most of the parts are safe to use in a dishwasher. Some times the wire mesh can have stuff caught in between but this isn’t anywhere near as greasy as a deep fryer!

Is the Philips HD9220 the Best Air Fryer and should you buy it?

It depends really. If your sole priority were to cook healthy food and to find a way to enjoy French fries but with low calories then this model would be perfect. However, if taste is your main priority then obviously you prefer the taste of oily full-fat French fries. In this case, you would be better off sticking to a traditional deep fryer. Still though, the HD9220 is quite effective even though it has a small capacity and can be quite expensive. Hopefully, this detailed air fryer review gave you a better idea of how good the Philips HD9220 is. If you’re still not sure whether to buy this product, it would be a good idea to watch the video below.


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